Energy-efficient plastic windows designed and manufactured with regard to strict standards concerning the heat transfer coefficient, which determines the thermal insulation of windows. It is a proposal dedicated to the most demanding customers, for buildings with special needs. Eforte windows are made with the use of the latest technology, which has achieved a low heat transfer coefficient and above-average tightness. Thermal insulation coefficient of Eforte windows is only Uf = 0.95 W/m²K, which means that the comfort of using the building is high in terms of maintaining optimal temperature regardless of the season, as well as low energy and heating bills.

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Characteristics of Eforte PVC windows

A low heat transfer coefficient of Uf = 0.95 W/m²K guarantees heating savings of up to 80%. Such windows effectively protect against heat escaping from the building and are a very good barrier to the cold outside in autumn and winter. The 84 mm installation depth also has an impact on cost reduction. The 6-chambered technology is also very important for thermal insulation. Eforte windows are characterized by great glazing possibilities, they can be equipped with glazing of excellent acoustic and thermal parameters, from 20 to 56 mm thick. These windows have an effective burglary protection system, which includes a two-chambered glazing bead. The 13 mm fitting groove creates good conditions for mounting special anti-burglary fittings. The window structure is very stable and rigid. Three glazing gaskets and an additional gasket in the glazing groove are responsible for tightness.

Eforte windows use an innovative technology of gluing the glass, which allows to make windows up to 2.6 m high. Thanks to this, the resistance to any deformation has also been optimized. These windows are equipped with a special drainer, integrated fastening of movable stile. The glazing has a depth of 25 mm, which provides the best thermal insulation and at the same time prevents the occurrence of condensation. The profile has a small width and is characterized by 20 degrees of bevel.

Eforte windows in a wide range of colors

Windows are no longer just a barrier between external and internal surroundings. Nowadays they are an important visual element of both the architecture of the building and the interior. That is why it is so important to adapt them in terms of style both to the interior design as well as the color and style of facade. Eforte PVC windows are available in 40 different colors. Among them there is a timeless classic, i.e. commonly known sapwood, as well as modern grey aluminium and warm wood with clearly marked grain. There is also plenty of bold color proposals, among which there is intense red and deep green. Therefore, these windows can have the color of walls in the living room, soaring ceilings, contrast or blend in with the facade. Thanks to this, they gain a decorative character and become an important element of the architecture and interior finishing of the building for visual effect.

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