Motors for garage doors, shutters or blinds are another element of increasing the comfort and safety of your home. Combined with smart home systems they can be a set that will reduce the cost of running the house. It is worth to decide on the highest quality components, which guarantee failure-free, long-term use. In our offer you will find motors from such companies as: Somfy, Nice, Selve and Mobilus. Each of our suppliers guarantees high quality, modern solutions and long life-time.

Somfy motors

Motors have special< functions to protect the system from damage. They are equipped with torque control, obstacle detection, anti-freeze protection, as well as gentle reaching the end positions. All this has a significant impact on the life span of the entire system and ensures smooth and trouble-free operation of motors. 

They have many functionalities that can be used depending on preferences, including

  • Switching between two speed modes, 
  • Activate silent mode, for example when a child is asleep or very late, 
  • Position “my” allows you to save your favourite position of blinds or other sunshade and recall it with one click,
  • Solar sensor allows to automate the operation of blinds. Depending on the sunshine, the roller blind is raised or lowered, which makes it possible to enjoy the coolness on hot days without controlling the roller blinds every moment or outside the house. 
  • Two-way radio technology developed by Somfy,
  • Soft start and stop – to protect system components,
  • Local control (with a transmitter on the wall) or remote control (via the internet using TaHoma Smart Home Control Panel)
  • Act for Green designation – products with this certification meet very strict environmental requirements. They thus protect the environment. 

Nice motors

Motors for external blinds, shutters and awnings from Nice are technically advanced mechanisms for home automation. They are characterized by fast and simple programming, easy installation, versatility and the ability to combine several devices into one house management system, which is controlled by a smartphone. 

In addition, we also offer motors for garage doors, swing or sliding gates from Nice. Similarly to the roller shutter control, the motors are characterized by simple installation and operation, as well as durability for many years.

Selve motors

Selve drives are designed for all types of sunshades and blinds. Different types of motors differ in the type of limit switch (it is electronic or mechanical) and functions (each function is adapted to the specific type of sunshade and customer needs):

  • SP – mechanical limit switch,
  • SE-RC – electronic limit switch with integrated radio module,
  • SE – electronic limit switch. 

Mobilus motors

Mobilus actuators are equipped with obstacle recognition technologies, electronic limits, icing detection, radio control and other features. In addition, they have a separate obstacle detection module from the position detection module, which makes them work independently. The actuator position is checked 5600 times per minute. This gives you up-to-date and precise information about the blind’s position. Mobilus places great emphasis on testing its products. Each of them undergoes a very rigorous testing system, which consists of:

  • Drive unit test,
  • Functional test (radio cooperation, limit setting and obstacle detection). 

Motors that are compatible with Smart Home – it’s an advantage

In our offer you will also find smart home systems, which will guarantee increased comfort, lower costs and safety of your home. The systems you can find in our offer are Somfy TaHoma and Smart Home FIBARO. 

The benefits of these solutions are among others:

  • Possibility of remote control and programming of lighting at home.
  • Managing the positions of blinds, shutters and other window screens. You can pick up the control panel or program time settings to lift and lower the window blinds. 
  • Control of garage doors – both when returning home and inside. Just click to tilt or open the door completely in a few seconds.
  • Constant temperature level inside – possibility to set a constant room temperature. If the set value is lower or higher, the system will signal this with an appropriate notification. 
  • Control of cameras, alarm, motion detectors, opening windows and doors, and closing windows. 

Smart home systems offer full control over the house, which will increase both comfort and safety of residents. 

Variant – modern technology for home at great prices

Based on more than twenty years of experience, we decided to create a range of smart home products that will increase the comfort and safety of residents. Thus, we respond to the expectations of our customers. Apart from home automation, we offer high quality sunshades (awnings, pergolas, fabric roller blinds, ZIP roller blinds, internal blinds), facade blinds (surface-mounted and flush-mounted), external blinds (surface-mounted and flush-mounted), mosquito nets and garage doors. Moreover, since 1996 we have been a manufacturer of high quality PVC windows and doors.

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