PE 50

It is an economical system of aluminum profiles, which is designed for internal structures. It has no thermal insulation, thus it is perfect for lightweight walls and glazing. PE 50 aluminium windows are used in office spaces, shopping malls and office buildings. They are characterized by high aesthetic values, which makes them so popular for commercial interiors. We recommend them especially in modern interiors, where glass and large glazing play a major role. PE 50 aluminium windows create great opportunities when it comes to visually attractive designs. They are universal, can be used to separate zones and optically enlarge small rooms.

Characteristics of PE 50 aluminium windows

PE 50 aluminium windows have a thickness of 52 mm, while the filling can be from 5 to 53 mm thick. The filling can be either single or combined panes, as well as opaque boards. The system is characterized by smoke-tightness in class Sa and S200 in accordance with PN-EN 13501-2:2016. It received a certificate of the National Technical Assessment ITP.-KOT-2018/0621. These windows are equipped with bolted or crimped profiles. It is possible to flush the window sashes with the frame. The result is a uniform plane on the outside, which results in high aesthetic values. Such design fits perfectly into the latest interior design trends. In order to increase tightness and usability, PE 50 windows are equipped with gaskets made of synthetic rubber. Moreover, the windows are characterized by relatively good acoustic insulation parameters, they protect against noise and thus ensure silence in premises.

PE 50 aluminum windows are available in a wide range of colors and different types of finish. Thanks to this, you can easily match the style of windows to the interior design. The frame can be powder-coated to a chosen color from RAL palette, which includes both subdued, universal colors as well as intense and distinctive shades. In the original version, these windows are olive and champagne, and in order to warm up the interior, it is worth to choose one of the variants imitating natural wood.

Standard and optional equipment

The system in standard equipment has a double-sided handle and three 2-winged hinges. In addition, it has safe glazing and a standard insert. However, it is possible to enrich the system with additional elements or replace them. The handle can be made of stainless steel and the insert used can be class C. In the higher standard there is also a more solid anti-burglary protection, and there are more possibilities to choose the window finish.

PE 50 aluminium windows are designed for internal installation. They are particularly well adapted to public buildings, and meet current standards in terms of technical and visual aspects. They create great opportunities for attractive arrangement of commercial spaces.

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