SL 600tt EVO

Sliding doors with very high aesthetic values and possibilities of constructing external systems, which are an effective barrier between the environment outside and inside the building. Thanks to their excellent thermal insulation parameters they have found their application in both residential and public buildings. They look great in modern arrangements and modernist architecture, but are also an interesting visual accent in classic styles. SL 600tt EVO sliding doors are used to create a housing for balconies, terraces, loggias and also as an exit to the patio. They are characterized by low heat transfer coefficient and thus thermal insulation, very good tightness and ease of use.

Characteristics of SL 600tt EVO sliding door

The doors are made of light but solid aluminium, a material which is very susceptible to shaping. Thanks to combination of material’s plasticity with its stability and durability, it is possible to use it to create impressive large-size glazing. That is why the SL 600tt EVO sliding door is available in many variants. Various types of glass fillings can be installed in the system, as well as opaque panels, which are 26-30 mm thick. The depth of structural sections depends on the selected variant of sliding door. If you decide on leafs, it will be 46 mm, if on twin-rail frames, it will be 73/95 mm, and on three-rail frames – 131.5/153.5 mm.

The structure is characterized by a unique slimline, the door has a very filigree profile, which is possible thanks to the central post with a minimum width of 37 mm. At the same time, the whole is very rigid and stable, which results in a long-lasting system without losing its tightness. The system has Ponzio system fittings, in which only high quality synthetic rubber gaskets are used, setting them on the perimeter of each sliding segment. In addition, the settling gaskets are mounted. SL 600tt EVO doors are adapted to create corner joints. This is done by cutting the profile ends at 90° or 45°.

SL 600tt EVO system for every interior

SL 600tt EVO sliding door is available in a wide range of designs and colors, including timeless and universal proposals, and bold, expressive and designed for interiors with remarkable styling solutions. Frame surfaces are color-coated using modern technology. They are powder coated with polyester paint in RAL color. They can also be anodized in one of precious shades, as well as varnished, thus changing the look of natural wood. The combination of slimness and originality of the finish guarantees a very interesting, original look of this door. Aesthetic values are of course complemented by high technical parameters, focused on tightness, resistance to external factors, protection against cold and noise from outside.

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