Surface-mounted facade blinds Z90

They provide modern design and elegance, and can be placed on any building. It is both a decorative and practical element – thanks to the possibility of regulating the light coming into the room.

Where to install Z90 facade blinds?

The Z90 surface-mounted model can be installed both on buildings already built and those under construction. Thanks to this versatility it can be used on:

  • Detached houses, semi-detached houses and others,
  • Flats in blocks, apartment buildings, etc., 
  • Service buildings, offices, premises, production plants, factories.

In each of the above, regardless of whether they are under construction or have already been provided for use. 

Z90 dimensions

The maximum width of blinds is 4.5 metres and the maximum height is 5 metres. This means that it can be installed both on standard size windows and even on the largest windows in glass office buildings. The Z90 can be a solution for companies and individuals.

Slat angle in Z90 surface-mounted facade blinds

Slats in Z90 blinds are made of galvanized steel sheet, powder coated. They are Z-shaped, which means that they darken the room more than C slats. In addition, the folded edges increase strength and stiffness, as well as the angle of inclination adjustment from 0 to 90 degrees. 

The guides are made of steel (corded) or aluminium (extruded).

Control of Z90 blinds

There are two ways to control facade blinds: 

  • Manual: possible thanks to a special crank, which we turn and thus lower and raise the blinds and change the angle of slats. 
  • Automatic: thanks to radio or wired technology. It is more convenient because we do not use force, everything is fully automated. In addition, it is possible to connect the automatic control to the smart home system. 

We rely on quality and experience – Variant

We are a company that has been on the window market for over twenty years. Thanks to such extensive experience we meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, who expect high quality of our products. In addition to facade blinds, we offer our own production of PVC windows and doors, garage doors, window sills and blinds. We invite you to check our offer of Polish company Variant.

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