PVC Doors

They are made of plastic, known for their ease of cleaning and relatively low price in relation to high
quality. PVC doors have a wide range of advantages and values both aesthetic and technical. PVC is
used for entrance doors, as well as balcony and terrace doors. It is a material of very universal
application and great possibilities to implement very demanding projects in terms of door frames.
Our offer includes PVC doors in several variants, on three profiles Arcade, Eforte and Prestige. There
are also plenty of fillings to choose from, provided by the renowned manufacturer Veyna.

Perfect thermal insulation and easy to clean PVC doors

PVC is most often used for windows, and precisely this material has found its greatest application in window frames. However, its numerous advantages were appreciated, thanks to which it is also a valued material in door frames. PVC doors in comparison with other doors, especially wooden, are characterized by low price. Therefore, they are installed both in residential buildings, as well as commercial and public buildings. Moreover, they provide very good protection against cold and heat loss, and have very good thermal insulation parameters. They are also great for buildings located close to busy roads, wherever good soundproof doors are needed. PVC doors are also lightweight, which makes their installation easier. They show resistance to adverse weather, biological and chemical factors. They do not require maintenance and special impregnation in order to maintain their durability and parameters for a long time. They are easy to remove any dirt without the need to use strong detergents.

Our PVC door solutions

We offer PVC terrace, balcony and external doors. They are available in three variants, on profiles:

  • Arcade: 5-chambered structure, characterized by an aesthetic appearance and high functionality, while being available at an attractively low price.
  • Eforte: 6-chambered profile system with a low heat transfer coefficient and thus very good thermal insulation, with the possibility of achieving heating savings of up to 80%.
  • Prestige: Extremely low heat transfer coefficient combined with the best sound insulation and huge possibilities to customize doors, energy efficiency combined with modern design.

PVC doors use glazing and fillings in various variants. A wide range of colors and patterns, the possibility of combining materials and the use of smaller and larger glazing make it possible to adjust the door to individual needs and the building architecture. In the offer you will also find doors with anti-burglary overlays and anti-burglary pivots, which increase protection and security, significantly reduce the risk of burglary and theft. Such solutions are used in houses, apartments and public buildings.

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