Rounded Alu

Surface-mounted external roller blinds are designed for installation mainly on already constructed buildings. They are placed either directly on the building’s facade or in a recess on the window joinery. External roller blinds are designed to protect against burglary, vandalism and noise coming from outside. In addition, they have one very useful function: thermal insulation protection. This makes it easier to keep the heat inside the building in winter and prevent overheating in summer. This results in a significant reduction of heating and air conditioning bills.
Rounded Alu roller blind has an oval, semicircular cassette shape. This shape makes it not only durable but also looks very original. In addition to this type of cassette you can also choose a semicircular guide, which will create an extremely aesthetic composition. To the rounded Alu roller blind you can attach an integrated roll-type mosquito net, as well as any other mosquito net system operating independently of the roller blind itself.

Surface-mounted external roller blinds – Rounded Alu – control

In the case of surface-mounted rounded Alu external roller blinds, two control options are available: manual and automatic. 

  • Manual control is possible with tape, string or crank. 
  • Automatic control is possible by means of a switch or remote control. It is also possible to connect the blind to the smart home system.


Surface-mounted external roller blinds – Rounded Alu – additional information

Colors available in Variant standard: white, silver, grey, light brown, dark brown, cream, anthracite. After consultation with the employee it is also possible to paint the blind in any color.
Variant offers 5 different box sizes: 137, 150, 165, 180, 205 mm

Surface-mounted external roller blinds – Rounded Alu – Variant

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