They do not have only one function: protection from the sun. They also protect against rain or snow. In addition, the possibility of installing side screens also protects against wind. This means that pergolas are virtually all year round protection against adverse weather conditions.
The pergolas we offer are made of the highest quality materials. They will be a perfect decoration in the garden or on the terrace, and will create a meeting place for every season. They are both a modern decorative element and a practical solution. Used in gardens, on terraces, in hotels, restaurants or companies.

Pergolas function and application

 Pergolas are commonly used in: 

  • Restaurants, cafes, hotels,
  • Gardens, terraces, balconies,
  • In companies as part of employee gardens. 

The functions that can be optionally selected for the selected pergola model are:

  • LED lighting – provides clear light under the pergola, which will enable you to spend time there even after dark.
  • Infrared illuminators – heat up the space under pergola, which combined with the installation of side screens will create a place for year-round meetings. Infrared illuminators in our offer have the power of 2 kW, dimensions 54 x 10 cm and protection class IP65. They are able to heat up the area up to 12 square meters. They are pilot-controlled, have 4 heating phases: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. You can choose between two colors: RAL white (9016) and anthracite (7016).
  • Automatic/electric control – it is much faster and more convenient than manual control, because we do not have to use our own strength. 
  • Large selection of textiles – for each pergola, we offer a large selection of textiles that can be adjusted to suit virtually any environment. 
  • Weather station – possibility to connect meteorological monitoring system and a smart home such as Somfy – will make it easier to control the pergola, because control of all devices will be available in one system panel. 
  • Rainwater drainage – our pergolas have a rainwater drainage system, which has a positive effect on the entire structure durability. 
  • Side screens – as mentioned above, it is possible to install side screens to additionally protect the interior against wind. 

Types and dimensions of pergolas

  1. Free-standing pergolas 

It will constitute a completely separate element of landscape architecture in the garden of your house, hotel or restaurant. Thanks to them you can create a unique place to spend time both in the summer and in the cooler seasons. This will be possible thanks to the installation of side blinds, which will protect from the wind and create a kind of “closed arbour”. A perfect place for various celebrations such as birthdays, intimate weddings or meetings with friends. Also for companies that want to create a special place for their employees to take a break, or for restaurants and hotels that offer their guests a special holiday in the garden. Often used in hotels or restaurants by the sea to give guests an unforgettable view of the beach during a meal or rest. 

  1. Wall-mounted 

Mounted mainly on terraces of houses, hotels or restaurants. They are a modern alternative to traditional awnings, which are also used as roofing. The possibility of installing side blinds (fabric or transparent) enables the terrace to be used all year round. 

Dimensions of one module are 5 x 6.5 meters. However, if this is not enough, it is possible to combine two modules with each other. This will provide a space of 10 meters wide and 6.5 meters deep. There is plenty of space to spend time on the terrace or in the garden. 

We offer accessories that will satisfy the most demanding customers

  • Weather station – it is possible to connect our pergola to the weather station in order to check the conditions outside.
  • Smart home system – in addition to the weather station, pergolas can be connected to the smart home system, which will give you control over the whole thing in one main panel. For example, to Somfy system. 
  • Many textile colors – we know how important it is to adjust decorative elements to the surroundings, and that is why we offer you a very wide range of colors, which will certainly find a match in the nearest architecture. 
  • LED lighting – illuminates the interior, thus allowing you to spend time under the pergola even after dark. 
  • Infrared illuminators – heat the interior of pergola. Combined with side blinds they will create conditions inside in which you can spend time also in late autumn. Our terrace or garden will be available practically all year round, regardless of time of day or weather. 

The infrared illuminator, which we offer, has a power of 2 kW, dimensions 54 x 10 cm and protection class IP65. It can heat up the interior of up to 12 square meters. It is controlled by remote control and has 4 heating phases: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%. It is available in colors: RAL white (9016) and anthracite (7016).

Variant – high quality and rich experience

We have been on the market for over twenty years. Thanks to our experience in cooperation with customers we are constantly expanding our offer with new elements. We invite you to check the remaining sunshades available in our offer: awnings, shutters, ZIP and internal blinds. Each of them is made of the highest quality materials, which will certainly prove useful for many years 

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