Surface-mounted facade blinds C80

They are both a modern and elegant addition, as well as a utility element. Surface-mounted facade blinds are used on buildings that are already built and those still under construction. They allow for increased safety and control of the amount of light coming in, by controlling the angle of slats.

Surface-mounted installation of facade blinds

It consists of placing the box and guide outside the light recess. The guides are screwed to the wall and the roller shutter box is placed above recess. Thanks to this arrangement and the system of cassettes, it is possible to install surface-mounted blinds along with cover plates, adding aesthetics or as a separate self-supporting blind (oval or square cassette). The advantage of surface-mounted over flush-mounted method involves the possibility of placing the blinds both on the already constructed building and on the one being designed/built.

Application of surface-mounted facade blinds

Surface-mounted facade blinds can be used both in buildings that are already built and those that are still under construction. Thus, the places of blinds mounted using this method are:

  • Houses – detached, semi-detached houses, etc.,
  • Flats in blocks of flats, apartment buildings or multi-family houses, 
  • Service buildings: companies, offices, factories, production plants.

The maximum width of blinds is 4.5 meters and their height is 5 meters, which means that they can be used from large doors or terrace windows in the house (e.g. HST sliding doors), through standard size ordinary windows to huge windows in glass office buildings. 

Slide types

There are two types of guides in surface-mounted facade blinds: 

  • Corded guides – made of steel, 
  • Aluminium guides – extruded.

Control of surface-mounted facade blinds

There are two ways of control: manual and electronic. Manual control is possible thanks to a special crank which, when turned, raises, lowers or adjusts the angle of slats. Automatic control is much simpler thanks to radio or wired technology. Without using our own power, we can also lower, lift and adjust the slats. It is also possible to connect facade blinds to the smart home system, for example, to Somfy IO TaHoma technology. This is an increasingly popular solution for our customers. 

Types of slats (C and Z)

The facade blinds we offer have high quality slats made of galvanized steel sheet and powder coated in C or Z shape (depending on the model). The Z type of slats allows for greater shading of the room/building than C slat. Therefore, it is often one of the guidelines when choosing between C and Z. In addition, thanks to folding the edges, the strength of slats is significantly increased and the angle of inclination can be adjusted in two ranges: 0 – 180 degrees or 0 – 90 degrees (also depending on the model chosen).

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