Installation of window frames

In order to ensure the comfort of using windows, effective protection against the heat exchange with the environment and protection of the building interior against the cold from the outside, it is necessary to ensure high quality windows. However, even the best window frames without professional installation will not fulfill their function and their potential will not be fully achieved. Our company offers not only the sale of high quality windows, but also professional installation, thanks to which you can be sure that the chosen windows will definitely serve you longer and better. We make every effort to ensure that our customers feel safe and confident that they have made the right choice.


Installation according to the highest standards

Our cooperation with the customer is aimed at helping and supporting them from the initial stage of choosing the right windows. Installation depends, among others, on the type of window that will be chosen, as well as the fixing system. If we are dealing with single-layer walls, we always place the windows in the middle of wall width. Closer to the outer edge, the window will be installed in a two-layer wall. In case of insulated walls, the window must be placed as close to the insulation as possible.

Installation of window frames is performed using one of three methods. The first one is a standard method, i.e. using polyurethane foam. The second is installation on an expanding tape. The third is warm installation, also called three-layer installation. During this window installation we use sealing tapes, which enables to eliminate the risk of thermal bridges. The window is maximally sealed. Warm installation results in lower heating bills as the heat does not escape from the interior and the cold does not penetrate from outside. Moreover, it is very effective protection against mould, which may appear at the window frame as a result of increased air humidity level.


Stages of window frames installation

Before window installation, we always first prepare the walls properly, cleaning the window opening from mortar remains and any other contamination. If necessary, we also adjust the reveal bottom. Then we remove the sashes from the frame, and place the frames in window opening. The frame must be levelled and then fixed with wedges. Next, we put the sashes on the frame. Once we have installed the windows, we proceed to the installation under the external sill frame. The gap between the window sill and the profile is filled with foam. Finally, the window seal is left, which must be durable enough to prevent water and air leakage. We use polyurethane foam for this. We fill only 30% of the space with it, because it has the ability to increase its volume, so it fills the whole space.

Trust the professionals! We are an experienced team specializing in the sale and installation of window frames since 1996. We use only proven, effective methods and high quality assembly products. In our offer you will find only warm, quiet and solid windows.