Indoor roller blinds

They are both decorative and practical. Thanks to the many available fabric patterns and colors, the fabric roller blinds can be adapted to virtually any interior. The use of solid materials will effectively protect the room against light coming in. We offer free-hanging roller blinds, in cassettes and pleated.

Free-hanging roller blinds

1. Kababria 32
The roller blind can be mounted to a window, ceiling or wall. In case of tilt windows, magnets and string guides are the solution, which prevent the roller blind from rolling. The roller tube has a diameter of 3.2 cm. It is a thick-walled tube, which enables to make the roller blind also in larger sizes. Handles made of aluminium are available in white. In addition, the roller blind has a self-braking mechanism to improve its function. The roller blind is finished with a steel slat in white or brown, a slat lined with fabric, frill or a wooden or metal bar decorated on request. Moreover, it is possible to choose from many fabric patterns and colors.
2. Kalabria 45
Mounted to the wall, ceiling or window, they have a self-braking mechanism. Tilt windows are secured with magnets or string guides to prevent the blinds from rolling down. They have a 4.5 cm diameter roller tube. Finished with a steel slat in white or brown, a slat lined with fabric, frill or other decorative wooden or metal rod (on special order). Moreover, fabrics and colors can be chosen from many available patterns.
3. Kampania
This roller blind is dedicated to all roof windows, with a spring mechanism, equipped with 2 sets (giving 4 pieces) of bottom plate hooks, which are placed at the bottom and in the middle. It can be mounted outside the recess thanks to the PVC side brackets (white). High quality shading materials and a large selection of colors.
4. Kastylia
It has a self-braking mechanism, roller tube diameter of 2.5 cm and magnets or string guides used for tilt windows. The colors of handles made of PVC are: white, light beige, dark beige, brown, yellow, light green, dark green, navy blue, blue and pink. The whole is finished with a white or brown steel slat, a slat lined with fabric, frill or other decorative wooden bar (on special request).
5. Katalonia
Designed to be mounted on the window sash e.g. in a glazing bead due to the relatively small dimensions of chain mechanism, which are 35 mm high. Roller blinds installation is non-invasive: thanks to the top and bottom handles, which are applied or glued. Magnets or string guides are installed to tilt windows, the roller tube has a diameter of 1.7 cm, and the entire roller blind has a self-braking mechanism. The chain mechanism can be white or brown. And the whole is finished with an aluminium slat (white or brown), lined with fabric, frill or wooden rod (on request). Wide range of colors and high quality of material guarantee effective shading of the premises and fitting to any interior.
6. Katalonia DUO
Day/night roller blinds differ from others in that they have a double system of running the fabric into horizontal stripes. This enables to manipulate the light access to any room without fully lifting the blind. The chain mechanism has relatively small dimensions (height 35 mm), and therefore it is dedicated for mounting on the window sash, e.g. to a glazing bead. Katalonia DUO model mounting method is non-invasive thanks to the top and bottom handles, which are applied or glued. In tilt windows, magnets or string guides are used to prevent the roller blind from tilting. The roller tube has a diameter of 1.7 cm and the entire roller blind has a self-braking mechanism.

Fabric roller blinds in Cassettes

1. Abruzja
Abruzja is the first model of roller blinds in cassettes. It has a 6 cm high cassette and a 1.8 cm wide guide, all made of aluminium in white, dark brown or silver (anode). Aluminium elements can be varnished in any RAL color chosen by the customer, but elements made of PVC are white, brown or grey. The roller blind has a chain mechanism with a brake, which stops the material at selected height. The chain density allows for a perfect fit and smooth operation of the roller blind. Mounting method is non-invasive: it is glued on a foam tape. The whole is mounted outside the light of glazing, which enables to mount it also on windows or balcony doors with muntin bars.
2. Akwitania
The second model is Akwitania, which has a 5.5 cm high cassette and 2 cm wide guides made of PVC, available in white or wood-like colors. Chain mechanism with a brake will stop the roller blind at any height. Thanks to the high density of chains the operation is smooth and quiet. Mounting of cassettes and guide is non-invasive (gluing on a foam tape). It can also be mounted on doors or balcony windows with a muntin bar, as the specially constructed guides and the cassette allow for mounting outside glazing.
Our other models of fabric rollers in cassettes include Azlacja, Andaluzja, Apulia, Aragonia, Asturia, Attyka, Akwitania DUO, Arkania.

Pleated roller blinds

It is one of the modern window screens. They are characterized by their appearance and setting. The material is placed between two rails, arranged in pleats. What distinguishes them from others is the possibility of placing them in any part of the window – sliding to the top or bottom, covering only the middle or whole window. The pleated roller blinds offered by us are made of the highest quality materials, thanks to which they will be used for many years. A wide choice of models and colors enables to adapt them to any interior.

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