PE 78N

Windows with aluminium profiles meet high requirements for thermal insulation. They show great flexibility and the possibility of individual adaptation to the customer’s needs and requirements, as well as building standards. These windows are made of light but at the same time very resistant to the influence of external factors aluminium. Profiles can be bent, and there is also a possibility to make various ways of corner connections, which increases the area of use of the system. PE 78N windows are characterized by a very stable and rigid construction, they also have a low frame heat transfer coefficient of 1.7 W/m2K for the standard version and 1.3 W/m2K for PE78N+ with additional closure of under-panel chamber.

Characteristics of PE 78N aluminium windows

Aluminium windows with high technical parameters concerning mainly thermal insulation and tightness. Low frame heat transfer coefficient is due to the use of multi-chambered thermal separators 42 mm and two-component central gasket. The system is characterized by a three-chambered structure of profile sections, which has a standard hardware groove, which is commonly used in doors and windows made of wood and PVC. Sections have depth from 78 mm for the frame to 86 mm for the sash. Gaskets used in the PE 78N system are made of synthetic rubber, meeting the 7863 standard. The filling is made of single or composite glass of any type or an opaque panel with a thickness from 23 to 61 mm.

Window sashes can be flush, which looks particularly good in typical modern interiors. On the outside a single plane is formed, which results in a minimalist and simple design. For even better tightness, standard gaskets can be replaced with modern two-component EPDM gaskets. The fittings are from renowned, proven companies, which offer verified and reliable solutions. Thanks to the three-chambered structure, PE 78N windows can reach very large sizes, creating large format glazing, perfectly matching the latest interior design trends. Such large formats open the interior to the external environment and optically enlarge smaller areas.

Wide range of finishes

PE 78N aluminium windows can be freely adapted to the style and color of your interior. You can choose from a wide range of colors. There is a possibility of powder coating of the surface with polyester paints. There is also an option of anodizing in the color of natural aluminum, noble gold, champagne and delicate olive, as well as covering the surface with natural wood color. It is a window system that suits every style of interior design. It is selected for residential and commercial spaces, for modern and classic arrangements, Scandinavian, industrial and loft style. PE 78N model shows the connection and compatibility with other systems from Ponzio.

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