Home automation

Automating certain processes in the home can significantly improve the comfort of living and increase safety of the household. The possibilities offered by automation and the smart home include control of windows, roller blinds, lighting and house heating. You can also control the watering of your garden. In addition, the smart home system can inform us about the parameters inside the house, such as electricity consumption, the amount of energy consumed by individual devices at a given time and at different times, or air temperature control.

Automatic control motors

There are many advantages involved in having control motors, the most convincing of which are:

  • Home security – burglary protection is important if we care about the security of property. External blinds will provide a great protection against burglary. Garage doors that open automatically will also be a big problem for potential burglars. 
  • Comfort – automatic sliding of both external blinds, facade blinds and garage doors is a great convenience. You can open heavy garage doors or entrance gates with no effort. 
  • Interior personalization – choosing the right lighting, creating an atmosphere and enjoying the silence are seemingly small things that can be done in seconds with the help of motors. Thanks to this we create our own place, which will fully reflect our personality. 
  • Control of expenses – thanks to special sensors built into the engine, which connect to the smart network, you can have control over energy. For example, interior blinds connected to the smart home system automatically adapt to the conditions outside. 
  • Home access control – if someone is waiting in front of a door or gate, you can easily slightly open the gate with a remote control or open it completely, without having to go outside. 
  • High lifting capacity – motors can easily open a door up to 600 kg.
  • Terrace control without any effort – there will no longer be a problem with unfolding the awning as quickly as possible when it starts raining. From now on, you can do this by pressing a button on the remote control. The motors also allow the awning to be tightly folded inside the cassette, which will protect the fabric from weather conditions. 

We offer you motors from the best companies on the market, which for years have specialized in providing easy life in homes and protecting them. In our offer you can find:

  • Somfy motors 
  • Nice motors
  • Selve motors
  • Mobilus motors

Smart home systems – modern and smart solutions

In addition to motors for gates, shutters and blinds, in order to fully meet the expectations of our customers, we also offer smart home systems from the best suppliers on the market. Smart home systems allow you to control multiple devices using your smartphone, tablet, notebook or even smartphone. It is possible to program them in any way. The possibilities that a smart home offers include:

  • Home lighting control. 
  • Control of roller blinds, shutters and other window blinds – you can either raise or lower the roller blind by yourself, or program the time schedule e.g. to lower the blinds at 10:00 pm and raise them at 6:00 am. Also in case of leaving the household residents, the system can be programmed to lift the blinds in rooms where there are flowers for some time. Such a solution is more than comfort – it is a full control over the house.
  • Garage door control – possibility of opening the gates without leaving the house, in case of returning home, opening the gate before arrival, so as not to waste time on reaching the house. These are just a few of many solutions offered by a smart home. 
  • Room temperature control – setting a constant temperature in the house will allow the system to control it automatically. When somewhere it is lower or higher than the set one – the system will signal it and, depending on the heating connection it will adjust the heat to the right level. 
  • Management of the security system – cameras, alarms or motion detectors, opening and closing windows. The smart home system will increase the security of your home.

We offer Somfy TaHoma and FIBARO Smart Home systems. 

Somfy TaHoma

It allows you to increase comfort, safety and cost-effectiveness in your home. Optimize your energy expenditure by controlling your roller shutters, heat or light. Automated entrance and garage doors and the ability to control virtually the entire house from anywhere in the world. There are 3 types of system management: 

  • Scenario – connecting selected devices,
  • Agenda – planning scenarios so that they start automatically later, 
  • Smart – creating automatic scripts with sensors. 

Smart Home Fibaro

This provides the possibility to control the house with Google assistant, Amazon Alex or Messenger. It allows you to receive immediate information about the situation at home. In addition, other devices such as lighting, weather stations, sound system, cameras, alarms and a keyless home security system can be integrated. Thanks to the Fibaro Smart Home, what seemed to be the future yesterday is possible today. 

When to plan the installation of smart home system?

You can install a smart home system at any time. There is no need to plan such a solution at the stage of house design or construction. The system uses Wi-Fi communication so there is no need to forge walls or install any special electrical installation. Control over the system is possible from anywhere in the world with access to the Internet.

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