Front revision PVC box

External roller blinds in the PVC flush-mounted box are usually installed in newly constructed buildings. However, it is sometimes possible to undertake installation in existing buildings. In this case, window openings must be prepared accordingly. Only such preparation can ensure that the roller blind will be able to fulfil its functions in 100%. The flush-mounted external roller blind in the PVC box is connected to the window to form one element.
Flush-mounted external roller blinds are characterized by very good thermal insulation properties. Depending on the needs, the roller blind can be installed on the external side, minimizing the inflow of cold from outside. In this case, the cassette is revised from the front internal side. The front of cassette is a perfect base for any finishing material such as polystyrene, plaster, clinker, and an additional tab at the end of cassette ensures stability of the applied finishing layer. The PVC front revision blinds are very quiet. In addition, they provide soundproofing of noise coming from outside the building and anti-burglary protection. What is important, in case of external roller blinds, there is a possibility to use a roll-up mosquito net integrated with the roller blind or another mosquito net system.

Available options – front revision

The control of flush-mounted external roller blind can be manual or automatic.

  • Manual control is traditionally done with tape, string or crank.
  • Electric control is provided by radio or cable motors. There is also a possibility to connect the roller blind to the smart home system, which enables to control the roller blind with a special panel.

Colors available in Variant standard: white, golden oak, nut, mahogany, chocolate brown.

Front revision PVC box – Variant Okna

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