Doors PE 68

Modern door system designed to manufacture doors of different structures. A very unique and versatile aluminium material is used in its production. It is used in many areas of construction and interior finishing, including window frames. It provides doors with very good thermal insulation parameters, as well as exceptional resistance to adverse external factors. Doors made of aluminium are also characterized by very high mechanical and biological resistance, aluminium is also not subject to the natural process of metal aging, i.e. corrosion. PE 68 aluminium door allows to make various types of structures. This system has been designed in such a way to create a door that is maximally adapted to the needs of its users.

Characteristics of PE 68 aluminium door

PE 68 aluminium doors are characterized by co-planar profiles. However, there is a possibility to use rebate hinges, which definitely facilitate and speed up the door installation. There is also an option to use glazing beads for the euro standard groove. Therefore, the possibilities are exceptionally wide, PE 68 doors thanks to such versatility and universality are selected for interiors of various purposes – residential, commercial and office premises. The door is equipped with profiled thermal separators, which are 24 mm wide. Sections for frames and leafs are 68 mm thick. Glazing is used as a filling in the door – two or three panes of glass, which maximum thickness can be 51 mm. Frames are characterized by a heat transfer coefficient of 1.5 to 2.1 W/m2K.

In addition, the door profiles are designed in a special way to enable trouble-free connection of the door with window. A lot of different types of fittings and door locks fit the door. This enables to create a system that meets individual needs and at the same time fits into the interior design of premises or building facade. The doors are warm and effectively protect against noise coming from outside. They are an effective barrier between the outside and inside environment.

Visually a perfect fit

PE 68 model is available in many color variations. The surface can be powder coated with polyester paints. In this case, we choose a variant from the wide RAL palette, which includes both universal and subdued shades, as well as clear and intense. Anodizing allows to choose one of the unique colors, among which are subtle olive, champagne, classic gold and antique gold. For the supporters of traditional visual solutions, for rustic, Scandinavian and classic interiors we recommend varnishing with the effect of natural wood with a perfectly reproduced drawing of this unique material. PE 68 aluminium doors can be adapted to any style.

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