Mosquito nets

Types of mosquito nets
As a manufacturer of mosquito nets, Variant Okna offers three basic systems matching the Arcade and Eforte windows, as well as PSK and HST sliding door systems.

1. Frame Mosquito Net

Frame mosquito nets are the most common form of protection against insects. Their undoubted advantage is easy and non-invasive assembly and disassembly. No holes in the window or building facade need to be drilled in order to install them. The mosquito net can be easily removed and put on, which can be very useful during window cleaning. Disassembly for winter can significantly extend the durability of this protective net. Durable aluminium profiles of mosquito net are powder coated, which makes them even more resistant to adverse weather conditions. In addition, the mosquito nets are equipped with a durable PVC-coated fibreglass net, which can be easily replaced. It is also easy to keep clean. A wide range of colors enables to match the mosquito net to any window color, making it almost invisible to the human eye. Its use does not in any way interfere with the work of internal shutters or blinds.

Characteristics of the Variant Okna Frame Mosquito Net:

  • made of extruded powder-coated aluminium profile,
  • inner angle pressed ensures the mosquito net stiffness,
  • easy assembly and disassembly,
  • possibility of replacing the net,
  • wide range of colors,
  • mosquito net can also be installed on windows of other manufacturers.
2. Pleated Mosquito Net

Pleated mosquito nets are a very solid and stylish form of protection against insects. Their appearance strongly resembles standard pleats used inside buildings. They can be installed on both windows and balcony doors. Ideal for balcony or terrace exits. Their low sill construction eliminates the barrier for elderly, disabled or children. Thanks to a unique system of smooth slides they can open in different directions and be locked in any place. Additional brushes guarantee 100% airtightness, and the appropriate net spacing ensures proper air circulation. Pleated mosquito nets are easy to mount and dismount. This allows the mosquito net to be easily removed for the winter or during window cleaning.

Characteristics of the Variant Okna Pleated Mosquito Net:

  • profiles made of extruded powder-coated aluminium,
  • ideal solution for HST type doors,
  • possibility to cover cavities up to 6 m wide,
  • possibility to fix the mosquito net in any position,
  • possibility of surface or recessed mounting.
3. Sliding Mosquito Net

Sliding mosquito nets are one of the most expensive systems available on the market. They are used in virtually every type of window. However, they are most often used in large balcony or terrace windows. In this case, sliding the net is either to the right or to the left. This system can be used separately or integrated with the roller blind. However, then it should be planned already at the stage of ordering the window frames. The sliding mosquito net system is mounted under the roller blind. It is also possible to install a sliding mosquito net independently from the roller blind. Then such a net slides with a handle.

Characteristics of the Variant Okna Sliding Mosquito Net:

  • profiles made of extruded powder-coated aluminium,
  • narrow profile with a width of 13 mm enables the use of mosquito net between the shell of external roller blind and window frame,
  • double sliding mosquito net can be used,
  • brush gasket on the door perimeter.

Mosquito nets of the Variant Okna company are manufactured from the highest quality materials. The use of the latest technology and original design ensures not only protection against insects, but also a perfect composition with the appearance of your home (both outside and inside). This is, as we all know, a very important aspect, as one unfavorable element in the decor may spoil the whole effect. Mosquito nets are usually used on the outside, thus the fabric from which they are made is extremely important. It must be resistant mainly to weather conditions. Strong sunshine, winter cold, wind and water can significantly reduce the mosquito net’s durability. It is worth to ensure that despite the unfavorable conditions that prevail in Poland, the mosquito net will be used for many years. Mosquito nets are especially useful in summer, when it is very hot outside and fresh air is needed. Tilting the window, especially in the evening when the light is on inside, causes quite a lot of different insects to be attracted inside. Spending time in a closed room can take away all the pleasure of a warm summer evening. That is why installing a mosquito net can be extremely useful.

The name itself comes from the Spanish word “mosquito” which means a mosquito insect. However, the protective net does not only provide protection against mosquitoes, it also blocks access of all insects. However, you should remember to choose the right mosquito net. Only a mosquito net well adapted to the window will provide effective insulation and protection. It is also worth paying attention to the net itself. To ensure free air circulation it should be as little visible to the human eye as possible. Only few people probably know that modern mosquito nets, apart from insects, also protect against wind-borne pollen from trees, flowers and grass. Although this is not 100% protection, but a partial limitation. However, it may turn out to be a breakthrough in the life of every allergy sufferer. An additional function of mosquito nets is partial protection against excessive solar radiation or driving rain. For this reason, it is worth thinking about installation on both balcony doors and windows. Although they are most often used in houses, apartments, offices and other premises visited by people, mosquito nets are increasingly used to protect farm animals.

Mosquito nets – Variant Okna

Probably many of you found this site just because you are looking for a good mosquito net offer. However, there are still some issues and dilemmas. One of them is for sure where it is worth to order mosquito nets and why exactly in Variant Okna. Thanks to our over twenty years of experience, we are the undisputed leader in the window frames industry. We know what solutions work best in specific cases and we are happy to share this knowledge with our customers. However, we always take into account their individual preferences and expectations. These are our real priority! Our opinions about the company, recommendations and satisfied users of Variant products are the best proof of that. Among them you can find a wide range of aluminium windows, PVC windows, shutters, roller blinds, mosquito nets, sunshades, window sills and even garage doors. We invite you to check our offer, and in case of any questions, feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail or in person – in our office in Poznań.

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