Sliding doors were made of plastic, which is commonly used in window and door frames made of PVC. It is a material that is particularly resistant to dirt, which is why it is so popular among supporters of practical solutions. HST PVC sliding doors are also characterized by very good thermal insulation parameters, which provides effective protection against heat exchange with the environment. The material is also resistant to the adverse effects of external factors, high and low temperatures, UV radiation, water and moisture. HST PVC sliding doors available in our offer have a leaf of 100 mm section height as standard. However, it is possible to make fixed glazing with a section height of 45 mm.

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Characteristics of HST PVC sliding doors

HST PVC sliding doors are characterized by 5-chambered technology. The leaf depth is 76 mm, while the installation depth is 175 mm. This system is suitable for glazing up to 52 mm. In order to improve thermal insulation, special gaskets were used in the door to increase the system tightness. There is an additional gasket in the under-glazing space, thanks to which thermal parameters are even better. HST PVC sliding doors are characterized by full wind tightness. They have been classified as resistant to wind loads C5. As regards rainwater, it is classified in class 9A. Thanks to the possibility of using a smaller section, the natural light inflow increases. The interior is up to 10% better illuminated. Moreover, it has an impact on the appearance of door, which takes on a more modern and minimalist design. Moreover, it is possible to use a low doorsill, which is of great importance for premises which should be adapted to the limitations of disabled people.

HST PVC doors are characterized by a structure that allows for creation of glazing with very large dimensions. They are also easy to use. They have a handle that after turning slide the door, lifting the leaf above the frame without using much effort. The door is also resistant to burglary and is a very good protection against possible unauthorized entry. It is also an effective protection against sound.

Experiment with design

Sliding doors are not only a practical element of home, apartment or public building equipment. They light up the interior very well, increase its functionality and optically enlarge small spaces. At the same time, they are also their decoration, all thanks to the possibility to choose the color of frame surface. You can choose a uniform structure of the painting surface in modern colors, veneer giving the surface the appearance of aluminium, as well as veneers with a standard, timeless and classic look. In our offer you will find options for interiors decorated in a very modern style, as well as those referring to elegant classics or very fashionable for a few seasons now industrial and loft style.

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