Integrated ALU box

Flush-mounted external roller blinds in the integrated aluminium box are primarily intended for installation in newly constructed buildings. Sometimes it is still possible to undertake installation at the stage when the building is being thermomodernization. Thanks to its characteristic construction, with the use of appropriate lintel insulation, the roller blind can meet the requirements of passive houses (box up to 165 mm). Roller blinds with an integrated ALU box provide thermal insulation. However, it is necessary that the roller blind is made really neatly and installed in a proper way for achieving such a function. The front of cassette is a perfect base for any finishing material. Most often it is Styrofoam, plaster or clinker. An additional tab at the end of cassette ensures stability of the applied finishing layer.

Integrated ALU box in flush-mounted roller blinds is a very good solution for those who expect quiet operation and high thermal insulation properties. The external roller blind provides additional protection against noise coming from outside and all kinds of burglaries. For those interested, there is an option to integrate a special roll-type mosquito net with the roller blind.

Integrated ALU box – available variations

There are two ways of controlling the blind – manual and automatic:

  • Manual control is possible by a special tape, crank or string. 
  • Automatic control is possible by means of radio and wire motors. It is also possible to connect the blind to any smart home system. Then control is possible using the control panel of such a system. 

Colors available as standard are: white, silver, grey, brown, anthracite. After consultation it is also possible to paint the blind in any color.

Box sizes: 137, 165, 180, 205 mm

Integrated ALU box – Variant Okna

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