ZIP roller blinds

Fabric roller blinds mounted on the outside regulate the amount of light entering the interior. They provide excellent visibility to the outside, while maintaining full intimacy inside. Thanks to embedding the lock into fabric, it is possible to perfectly tighten the fabric and join it firmly with the guide. Production of the guide and cassette made of the highest quality aluminium makes the whole structure durable and resistant to all weather conditions.
Moreover, ZIP – 78 roller blinds have innovative solutions which increase both the comfort of use and the effectiveness of shading and light protection. Revision from the bottom of cassette, telescopic bowl and increasing the load capacity are just a few of the many advantages provided by this solution.

ZIP roller blinds – why should you have them?

  • It is airtight, weatherproof and has very high wind resistance, which makes it also suitable for use as a side screen. 
  • It stops the sun’s rays, thus effectively regulating the access of light to the premises, while ensuring full intimacy inside.
  • Possibility of manual or electric control: by manually turning a special crank that lifts or lowers the blind, whereas electric control is much simpler, there is also a possibility to connect it to the smart home system such as Somfy. 
  • Instead of fabric, you can use a mosquito net.
  • It can be used both in commercial premises (hotels, restaurants, offices) and in homes.
  • Revision from the bottom of cassette without removing the front flap, especially important in case of narrow blinds.
  • Possibility to increase the load capacity, which is important if the roller blind is narrow, to ensure better fabric tension, as well as fast and smooth run.
  • Fully hidden fabric tunnel weld, gives both aesthetic and practical advantages. 

Innovative applications that occur in ZIP – 78 roller blind

Our aim is to stand out from the competition not only by the high quality of our products, but also by the innovative solutions that only appear in the ZIP – 78 roller blinds. 

  • Revision from the bottom of cassette
  • Telescopic bowl
  • Increasing the load capacity

Thanks to these three points, our product stands out on the market and is willingly bought by the most demanding customers. 

Revision from the bottom of cassette

It is possible without removing the front flap. Particularly important when using a flush-mounted blinds or in the windowlight in a recess. In addition, the lower revision flap is evenly bolted to the front of cassette over its entire width. Moreover, special ribbing, which occurs in the whole width of flap, significantly affects the high rigidity of cassette. 

Moreover, our ZIP – 78 roller blind is equipped with: 

  • A special set of caps, which are placed in the bottom revision cover. They are designed to enable access to the motor’s limits without the need to take it off. 
  • Adaptation of the cassette for L-system revision, which only in ZIP – 78 model requires only 35 mm of free space. 
  • No overhanging of the lower part of hatches in blinds wider than 2 m, thanks to the attachment of the lower cover over the whole width of blind and also thanks to the use of additional stiffening rib. 

Telescopic bowl enables easy assembly and disassembly

It is mounted on the roller tube with the motor, allows easy assembly and disassembly, without the need to remove both the guides and cassette. When the locking spring is removed, the bowl shaft is released and this allows it to be moved and winding to slide out of the cassette. Whereas the outer profile of guide has a special space to store too much power cord, which is used in the roller tube revision traction. 

Possibility to increase the load capacity

Very important in the case of narrow roller blinds, where the total load capacity can be increased to 5.66 kg/m. Such a solution gives better fabric tension and smoother running of the whole roller blind. There is also no concern about the tunnel weld, because the load shape is designed to completely hide it. 

Application of ZIP roller blinds

  • As a window cover during sunny days in houses, restaurants, hotels or offices. They give excellent visibility, while providing full intimacy inside the space/building. 
  • They can also be used as side screens for both pergolas and terraces. 
  • They provide a modern and unique design, which can be used both in private homes and commercial premises.

Variant – quality guarantee and innovative solutions at great price

As a company with over twenty years of experience on the market, we constantly aim to surprise our customers with modern solutions. That is why we cooperate with the best suppliers on the market, who like us have long experience and a rich offer. ZIP roller blinds, which we offer, will find application in your homes or apartments, as well as in companies. They will be an effective way of protecting interiors against excessive sunlight and at the same time an innovative decorative element. 

Apart from ZIP roller blinds, we also offer other sunshades: awnings, pergolas, fabric roller blinds and interior blinds. In addition, we offer high quality PVC windows and doors, which we are a manufacturer. Window systems are our passion, but we do not stop there. We also offer garage doors, of which we are a distributor, and window sills or electronics for garages.

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