Flush-mounted facade blinds Z90 BOX

Flush-mounted blinds Z90 BOX is a combination of modern design and practical solutions. It is possible to regulate the access of light entering the premises by manoeuvring the inclination angle of slats. In addition, the mounting method hides most of its mechanical parts, which looks much better than in case of surface-mounted blinds. However, it is necessary to consider them already at the construction/design stage of the building.

Flush-mounting method

It consists of hiding a box and guides (partly) under the plaster/elevation of a building. This makes the mechanical part of blind not visible, which positively affects the aesthetics. Only the shell is visible and the window is not covered with anything. Additionally, the system of cassettes enables the installation of blinds with the option of thermal insulation from the inside and outside.

Installation of flush-mounted blinds Z90 BOX

Both in detached houses, semi-detached houses, as well as in flats in blocks and apartment buildings. In addition, in commercial premises, offices, production plants, industrial plants or factories. Wherever there is a possibility of installing flush-mounted blinds at the construction or design stage.

Dimensions of shutters: 

  • Maximum width: 4.5 meters
  • Maximum height: 5 meters

Shutters with the above mentioned maximum dimensions can be used both in windows of standard sizes of single-family houses and in huge glass windows of office buildings. 

Slats in Z90 BOX

They are made of Z-shaped, galvanized steel sheet, which is powder coated. The shape of slats (Z) provides greater possibilities of shading the room than C-shaped slats. Additionally, the edges of slats are slightly folded, which improves their rigidity and strength. The inclination angle is from 0 to 90 degrees.

Manual and automatic control

There are two control options for blinds: manual and automatic. Manual consists in turning a special crank, which raises and lowers the blinds and changes the slat angle. Automatic method is simpler and more convenient because we do not use any force. It is possible thanks to radio or wired technology. In addition, it is possible to connect the automatic control to the smart home system. This is a good solution for people who use such a system, because the control panel for all devices is in one place.

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