Garage doors

The garage door should fit visually to the building’s facade and its architectural style, but above all it must be efficient, functional and guarantee the safety of keeping vehicles and other things in the garage. Our offer includes garage doors with automatic control, which guarantees comfort and ease of closing and opening the door. This type of automation can be synchronized with any “Smart Home” system, thus creating one integrated system to manage the entire building. You can choose between sectional and roller garage doors in different variants and colors.

Sectional garage doors

This type of garage doors are designed for all those who want to save maximum space on the driveway and in the garage. The door opens in such a way that you can freely arrange the interior of garage and gain space before entering. Sectional doors are ideal for both single and double garages, which is due to the large selection of their size. In our store you will find sectional garage doors without embossing and with narrow and wide embossing. They meet the standards of energy-efficient buildings and provide very good protection against heat exchange with the environment. Moreover, they are made of high quality materials and equipped with insulated panels of increased thickness. They have a lintel steel slat and a circumferential seal. Such additional elements allow to obtain heat transfer coefficient even U=0.9 [W/m2K].

Roller garage doors

Do you want to gain maximum space directly under the ceiling? The roller garage door is the best solution for you. As the name suggests, the garage door rolls up, i.e. folds up, hiding in a special box on the outside or inside depending on the chosen variant. Roller garage doors are particularly useful for non-standard garages as well as utility rooms. They are used in residential and industrial buildings. In case of garage doors we use manual and automatic control depending on customer’s preferences. We also make doors in burglary resistance class WK3.

Automation for garage doors

Automatic garage door control is a convenience and comfort. We open and close the door without the slightest effort, which can be controlled by a special system. It is possible to control the door even from a mobile device, using the Smart Building System. Thanks to this solution, you can not only open the gate without getting out of the car, but also while you are still at home. It also allows for remote control of the gate during our absence. It is also possible to control the door with a remote control or a switch mounted at the door.
We provide roller and sectional garage doors with control, including the possibility of integration with Smart Building systems. We can help you choose the right solution, colors and variant.

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