PSK PVC doors are available in two variants. You can choose between tilt-slide doors and revolving doors. The revolving system used is characterized by very high functionality values. These structures are easy and comfortable to use, allowing the door to rotate by 180 degrees. They will surely be appreciated by all those who care about keeping the door impeccably clean. You can easily wash them on both sides without leaving the building. Tilt-slide solution enables to save a lot of space in the premises, which is why we recommend it especially for small apartments, where every square meter is extremely important. The door slides along the wall on special guides. PSK PVC doors are made of plastic with high aesthetic values, mainly due to the ease of keeping them clean. Moreover, it is a very tight option with excellent thermal insulation parameters.

Characteristics of PSK PVC sliding doors

PSK PVC sliding door is an alternative to traditional terrace doors, which consist of two leafs. Thanks to such an alternative, we can afford to increase the usable area and better manage the room. The leafs move in one plane, on special guides mounted along the wall. The width of leafs can be as wide as 180 cm, thus the glazing can be spectacularly large, which translates into visual advantages and better illumination of the interior. In tilt-slide system one leaf is locked, which increases protection against burglary. PSK PVC doors can be equipped with two or three leafs, of which only one can be moved, or four leafs, where two can be moved.

Horizontal pivot axis is used in the rotating mechanisms. This is characterized by the ability to swing the lower part of leaf outwards and the upper part inwards. It is a perfect solution for those who appreciate above-average protection against adverse external factors, especially wind and rain.

Sliding door in three versions

PSK PVC system is available in three different variants, which differ primarily in visual terms. We make every effort to provide solutions for both timeless classics and those who constantly follow the latest architectural trends. PSK sliding doors can be divided into three categories:

  • EFORTE: it is an energy-efficient door and window frames system. You can choose from 40 different veneers, among which you will find both universal and standard colors, as well as surprising visual solutions. Eforte surprises with its very slim design and ideal proportions.
  • PRESTIGE: it is a symbol of functional design, the sliding door has a simple design, but with a choice of dozens of different veneers, patterns and colors you can give it any style and look.
  • ARCADE: distinguished by their rounded lines, which gives the door a very subtle appearance, in line with classic standards. In this case you can also choose from a wide range of colors, freely matching the pattern to the interior design, as well as the appearance of building facade.

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