Windows, which reflect the modern vision of a creative designer, restrained and at the same time fresh in his view of the unique design of window joinery. The Elegante collection is characterized by a minimalist style, very simple but thoughtful forms. Its characteristic feature is undoubtedly slimness and distinctness, i.e. seemingly contradictory features, which in this case form a harmonizing whole. Elegante plastic windows are also energy-saving solutions, their heat transfer coefficient is Uf = 0.93 W/m²K, which results in their visual and technical attractiveness. They look very good in modern architecture and are a great alternative to aluminium profiles.

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Characteristics of PVC Elegante windows

Elegante PVC windows are characterized by the slimmest profile that is currently available on the market. With their slim design they are only 9 mm. However, they are very expressive. Available in two variants, with flush and straight profiles. They have a full facing and rectangular slats, which is a unique feature of plastic windows. The Elegante window system is dedicated to energy-efficient buildings. These windows have Uf = 0.93 W/m²K, which makes them a very effective barrier against cold coming from outside. In summer, they allow to maintain optimal temperature and prevent the interior from heating up. This results in low heating costs in winter and possible air conditioning in summer. What is more, they are in line with the features of a passive house. This is due to, among others, triple glazing, a six-chambered system with a central gasket and the possibility of using glazing up to 70 mm. For easier glazing, the windows are equipped with single glazing beads.

Therefore, the Elegante plastic windows are a solution that can be successfully chosen for an energy-efficient and passive house. They provide high thermal and acoustic comfort, enable to maintain optimal temperature inside the building and protect against noise coming from outside. They are also extremely tight and easy to keep clean. It is also worth noting the unusual design of Elegante windows, which differs from standard PVC windows.

Modern design

Elegance in a new edition – plastic windows characterized by a design corresponding to the latest architectural trends. They are very slim and distinctive, available in as many as 40 different colors with the possibility to adapt to the appearance of facade, its finish, roof color or other architectural elements. You can choose films with a smooth, classic structure, imitating natural wood with a clear wood grain, metallic and matt films. The core is grey color, which further enhances the metallic appearance of Elegante windows. Noteworthy is a very rich palette of grays, colors which have been at the forefront of the biggest interior and architectural trends for several seasons. In addition, there is a possibility to use hidden hinges, which further enhances the clean and minimalist form of windows.

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