This solution is dedicated to buildings with exceptional thermal insulation requirements, aiming at meeting the most restrictive standards of energy-efficient and passive construction. PE 78N HI aluminium windows are characterized by very good parameters, affecting the protection against heat exchange with the environment and against the ingress of cold from outside. Such a system enables to increase savings and reduce heating costs. This is due to the use of special inserts, which increase thermal insulation.

Characteristics of PE 78N HI aluminium windows

This is a variant of the standard PE 78N window system with increased parameters, designed for energy-efficient buildings. The heat transfer coefficient has been significantly reduced. In the option with closed under-pane chamber and with insulating insert, the heat transfer coefficient is from 0.9 W/m2K. However, you can decide on an even warmer PE 78N HI+ variant, in which the insulating insert is made of aerogel. Then the Uf heat transfer coefficient is from 0.7 W/m2K. High quality gaskets are used in these windows to ensure the system is sufficiently tight. The gaskets are made of synthetic EPDM rubber according to standard 7863. Single or composite glazing made of any type is used as a filling. It is also possible to use non-transparent panels of 23-61 mm thickness. The fittings come from renowned manufacturers and their quality is confirmed by numerous certificates and tests.

PE 78N HI aluminium windows are designed for residential, commercial and public buildings. They meet strict standards, and thanks to the low heat transfer coefficient they can be successfully installed in energy-efficient buildings. Moreover, they are characterized by timeless and fashionable design, available in a wide range of colors and finishes. PE 78N HI windows are an effective barrier between the outside and inside of your building. They can be available in various sizes, including large format. Aluminium sections have been manufactured with great care, which allows them to meet all quality standards.

Choose the right windows for your interior

PE 78N HI aluminium windows can be freely adjusted to the interior design and color of your building’s facade. This is due to their availability in all RAL colors. The surface is powder coated, and the products used for this purpose are polyester paints and above average durability. Another method of finishing is anodizing in olive, champagne, gold and brown. If you care about the natural appearance of your windows, you like wood, but you want to avoid the risk of its aging and loss of window properties, decide to cover your windows with a coating imitating natural wood. Such a finish looks great in classic, Scandinavian and rustic styles. For modern – cool and sterile interiors they bring a pleasant breath of cozy warmth.

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