HST SL 1600tt HI

Lift-slide system is characterized by above-average insulation parameters. HST SL 1600tt HI doors are distinguished by their excellent tightness and at the same time modern design, corresponding to every interior design style. The sliding door is an alternative to traditional 2-leaf doors that open inwards. They take up considerably less space, which makes it possible to arrange the interior more functionally. The HST SL 1600tt HI model is designed for buildings with special thermal insulation requirements. It is a stable structure, which allows for maintaining a high weight of the door leafs, thus it can be made using large glazing, optically enlarging the interiors. There are great possibilities to modify the system, changing, among others, the number of rails and variants of thermal insulation.

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Characteristics of HST SL 1600tt HI sliding door

HST SL 1600tt HI sliding doors have a very good thermal insulation system. Thanks to the use of technologically advanced elements in the PLUS version, a low heat transfer coefficient Uf = 2.1 W/m2K has been achieved. However, choosing the warmest version, the protection against the cold coming from outside is even greater, as this coefficient is already from 1.8 W/m2K. The depth of sections varies depending on the option selected. For the leafs it is 67 mm. For double-rail frames the depth of sections is 160 mm, for three-rail frames it is 247 mm and for four-rail frames it is 334 mm. It is possible to use a filling system with a thickness of up to 51 mm. Moreover, the system has been designed and constructed in such a way that the door structure can take on extremely large dimensions, having as many as 8 leafs. Insulation is available in three versions: standard, PLUS version and HI version. The gaskets used in the door are made of high quality synthetic rubber. The filling can be a single or combined pane, as well as a non-transparent panel with a maximum thickness of 51 mm.

What color for sliding doors?

In the case of HST SL 1600tt HI model it can be practically any color of choice. There are unlimited possibilities of covering the door surface, so you can easily match the pattern to the interior design and facade color. Among the available variants there is a wide range of RAL palette, and with it polyester paints, with which we paint surfaces using the powder method. You can also choose anodizing, and with it one of the original shades – champagne, olive, gold, brown and even natural aluminum. There is also a variant for those who prefer classic and natural elegance. The door surfaces can be varnished and thus create a surface that imitates natural wood. Therefore, HST SL 1600tt HI sliding door can be both a surprising visual accent of the interior and a perfect blend in with the color of interior. In the case of wood imitation, it is a perfect way to insulate the interior and give it a cozy character, at the same time enhancing modern decoration with large glazing.

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