Flush-mounted facade blinds C80 BOX

Flush-mounted blinds are both modern and practical. Designed at the construction stage, they provide an elegant appearance of the building. The usable part of blinds allows to adjust the slat inclination angle and thus determine the amount of light entering the building. C80 BOX facade blinds are a solution that will certainly meet the expectations of our customers.

Dimensions of C80 BOX

  • Maximum width: 4.5 meters
  • Maximum height 5 meters

These dimensions allow to use blinds on practically every window. Both on standard size windows for a detached house and on very large windows in glazed buildings.

Installation of C80 BOX

In the above mentioned houses, in semi-detached houses or other buildings. In service premises: offices, company headquarters, production plants, industrial plants, etc. Each of these places may be equipped with flush-mounted facade blinds. However, it is important to remember that the method of installing flush-mounted blinds should be chosen already at the design/construction stage of the building.

C slats – characteristic

C-shaped slats have folded edges to improve the strength of blinds and increase rigidity. They enable adjustment of inclination angle from 0 to 180 degrees. They are made of galvanized and powder coated steel sheet.

It is the slats that are responsible for the usable value of blinds – it is thanks to them that we regulate the light entering the premises.

Blinds have guides made of steel (corded) or aluminium (extruded).

Control types

There are two ways to control the position of C80 Box blinds:

Manual: thanks to a crank, which lowers and raises the blinds and adjusts the angle of slats.

Automatic: radio or wired technology. In addition, you can connect the automatic control to the smart home system, which enables to control the blinds from one panel with other devices.

Variant – quality and experience

Our company operates on the market for over twenty years. We offer our own production of windows and doors made of PVC. In addition, we distribute garage doors and sell blinds, roller blinds and window sills. Each product from our offer is characterized by high quality and durability. Our goal is to provide the most demanding customers with what they need. We invite you to check our other facade blinds.

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