Doors PE 78N

PE 78N system is designed for door structures with different fillings. It is a very universal solution and allows for the implementation of both simple and impressive interior designs. PE 78N aluminium doors have a low heat transfer coefficient, which translates into very good thermal insulation parameters. They perfectly fit into the current trend of energy-saving buildings. Their installation increases savings, allowing for a clear reduction of heating bills. PE 78N doors can be used as entrance doors, as well as balcony or terrace doors. They are made of weather-resistant aluminium, which is light and susceptible to forming. Thanks to this, it is used to make large-format glazing, and larger than classical door structures.

Characteristics of PE 78N aluminium doors

PE 78N aluminium door is a three-chambered system with thermal insulation, thus providing additional protection against the penetration of heat and cold into the building. This results in increased comfort at any time of year. Separators, which were used in the PE 78N system, have a width of 34 mm. The doors are characterized by the structure of co-plane profiles with the possibility of changing into rebate hinges, which make the system easier to install. There is also an option of using glazing beads to groove in the euro standard. The profiles show very high compatibility, which leads to easy connection of the door with window. When it comes to sections for frames and leafs, their thickness is 78 mm.

The frame heat transfer coefficient is extremely low, from 1.5 W/m2K. This is due to the innovative structure and the insulation spacer used. The door can be filled with single or composite panes, as well as non-transparent panels, which are between 23 and 61 mm thick. An additional protection, which increases the tightness of door, are gaskets made of synthetic rubber. They protect against air exchange with the environment. The doors can be equipped with various types of fittings and door locks. Corner, screwed and crimped connections can be made using the system. Various solutions are used to seal the doorsill, including PVC doorsill.

Aluminium doors of any appearance

PE 78N model offers great interior design possibilities. It is available in many variants, which are made using innovative surface coating techniques. One of them is powder coating with polyester paint in a chosen color from RAL palette. An alternative is anodizing in natural aluminium, olive, champagne, gold or brown. Another technique of giving the surface a proper look is varnishing, which enables to obtain an imitation of natural wood, to an illusion resembling natural wooden surfaces. Therefore, PE 78N aluminium doors are a perfect combination of structural universality and aesthetics. You can freely modify the system, adapting it to your individual needs and expectations.

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