HST SL 1600tt

HST SL 1600tt HST system is a modern solution which allows to make exceptionally large glazing of impressive dimensions. This sliding door system is used on balconies, terraces or patios, in residential, commercial and public buildings. It fits perfectly in both large and small premises, enlarging them optically, as well as better illuminating and increasing their aesthetic values. HST SL 1600tt HST sliding doors are characterized by lift-slide technology. This means that they slide on rails in one plane, thus saving space. They are also characterized by high lightness and stability. Despite the large glazed surface, they have a relatively low heat transfer coefficient, which translates into lower heating bills.

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Characteristics of HST SL 1600tt HST sliding door

HST SL 1600tt HST door meets high standards in terms of thermal insulation. They are designed for external building elements in buildings with high requirements for energy efficiency and thermal balance. Thanks to this, they are used not only in standard buildings but also in energy-saving ones. Sliding doors have an extremely stable structure, which provides the possibility of installing large-size systems. The doors can have up to 8 leafs, which is rare in similar lift-slide systems. The structure perfectly copes with maintaining the high weight of its leafs, maintaining its parameters, form and shape for many years of intensive use.
The doors have sections with a constructional depth of 67 mm for the leafs. For two-track frames it is much larger, as it is 160 mm, for three-track frames – 247 mm and for four-track frames – 334 mm. For increased tightness and even more effective thermal insulation, a filling up to 51 mm thick can be used. The system is thermally insulated and it proves very well even in the most difficult weather conditions. It is a 4-chambered version with thermal insulation at the level of Ud = 1.8.

Sliding doors fitting your apartment design

Consider the HST SL 1600tt HST door as an integral part of your home. Let it form a coherent arrangement with your living room, bedroom or dining room. Choose the variant best fitted to the building facade in terms of design and color. In our offer you will find solutions in a wide range of colors. These are classic shades, with a timeless look, which will look good in traditional interiors. There will also be options for those who prefer a typically modern design, as well as for those looking for bold color accents. Surfaces can be powder coated, anodized or varnished. All of them are characterized by color durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions. They do not discolor or change their intensity.

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