Exterior doors

Exterior doors fulfil several important functions for the house and its residents. Above all, they protect against the entry of unauthorized persons, they are a barrier between the external and internal environment. They are also a protection against loss of heat and the inflow of cold into the house. This in turn translates into lower heating bills. Exterior doors are at the same time a signature of the building, a kind of introduction to the arrangement’s ambience. It is the door that partially reveals to us the style in which the apartment or house was arranged. In our offer you will find exterior doors of renowned and widely known manufacturers of door frames – Gerda and KMT. In the production process they use, above all, very solid and durable metal, from which extremely stable and resistant to any damage door structures are made.

Gerda exterior doors

The Gerda team is constantly improving its products, which is why every year it presents new and even better solutions. The company specializes in the production of metal external doors. The key materials are steel and aluminum, although Gerda exterior doors are also enriched with wooden elements and of course attractive glazing. They are available in several lines of style. The NNT REVO product line is characterized by a metal construction combined with very good insulation. You can choose a variant with glass, 3D strip and many glazings, in a classic and elegant version. TT Optima doors are a proposal for those looking for the best protection against adverse weather conditions. They use the latest technologies and combinations of aluminium, wood and steel. Also noteworthy are the panel external doors, decorated with decorative claddings and with a two-sided fixing to a steel body.

KMT external doors

KMT offers its customers solutions in the field of door frames, in which it uses above-average properties of steel. KMT external doors are characterized by modern design and advanced technology, which allows to achieve very high insulation parameters. They have leafs with a system of strong multi-point locks, characterized by high class of burglary resistance and thermal partitions, increasing the thermal insulation properties of door and improving the energy balance of the building. The offer includes doors with glazing in various variants, with embossing, decorative finish, as well as in a highly modern, minimalist version. In addition, the company offers fire doors with fire resistance class EI230, leaf thickness 46 mm and stone wool filling. These are models that provide effective protection against fire and burglary, but are also distinguished by very high aesthetic values, maintaining their representative character. External doors of recognized and valued door manufacturers on the market. Wide range of colors, patterns and sizes, in standard version and with additional burglary and fire protection.

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