PE 68 HI

PE 68 HI system is a variant of another aluminum window system – PE 68. It is characterized by a very stable and rigid structure, which is due to, among others, the material used in production, which is corrosion-resistant aluminum. It is a material that is also characterized by its low weight and at the same time is easy to process. PE 68 HI aluminium windows have profiles with a three-chambered structure, which further increases the possibility of manufacturing windows with larger dimensions while maintaining very good technical properties. These windows are characterized by modern design, have a simple structure and minimalist finish. Therefore, they fit perfectly into current architectural trends.

Characteristics of PE 68 HI aluminium windows

The three-chambered profile structure also has an eco-groove in standard and a hardware groove, which is characteristic for doors and balcony windows made of wood or PVC. The system uses a filling with a thickness from 18 to 59 mm. It can be a single or composite pane, as well as a non-transparent panel. The pane can be made of any type of glass. Sections have a construction depth of 68 mm for frames and 8 mm more for sashes. To increase thermal insulation in PE 68 HI aluminium windows, special insulation inserts were used. Thanks to their presence the heat transfer coefficient of 1.3 W/m2K was achieved. Such a value reflects the very good properties of this window in terms of protection against cold and heat loss. The use of windows with a low heat transfer coefficient allows to increase savings on heating and energy.

Aluminium sections meet the restrictive requirements and standards, i.e. EN AW-6060 according to PN-EN 573-3. The gaskets used in these windows are made of high quality synthetic rubber and meet standards 7863 and the executive standard according to ISO 3302-01, E2. Fittings used in PE 68 HI windows come only from reputable companies offering innovative solutions. The set with the windows includes all necessary mounting accessories, including screws, bolts, corner connectors and washers made of aluminium, galvanized or stainless steel.

Colors of PE 68 HI windows

These windows are available in a wide range of colors, with the possibility of a perfect fit to the interior design and building facade. We recommend them for residential, commercial and public buildings. They are powder coated, thus providing greater protection for window surfaces. Only Qualicoat-compliant polyester paints are used. The colors are selected individually by the customer from RAL color palette. You can also choose from olive, champagne, gold, brown, ancient gold and natural aluminium. These windows look beautiful in imitation of natural wood covered with a protective layer of varnish. Each method of painting the surface is characterized by durability of color and resistance to adverse external factors.

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