PE 68

Modern windows are made of lightweight and externally resistant aluminium. It fits very well into high standards of thermal insulation, as well as the latest design trends. PE 68 windows look very good in residential and public buildings. Therefore, they will be a good solution for houses and apartments, as well as commercial spaces, including offices and institutions. Profiles are characterized by a three-chambered structure, they create very large possibilities to make structures and large dimensions while maintaining rigidity and stability. High quality elements are used in the windows, which make up a single, airtight and well protected structure against heat exchange with the environment.

Characteristics of PE 68 aluminium windows

PE 68 aluminium windows have a three-chambered profile structure, which additionally has a hardware groove. For sashes, the structural depth of sections is 76 mm, while for frames it is slightly less and reaches 68 mm. These windows are also equipped with a thermal separator of 32 mm, and high thermal parameters have been achieved thanks to a one- or two-chambered central gasket. PE 68 windows in the version with closed under-pane chamber are characterized by a heat transfer coefficient of 1.5 W/m2K.

PE 68 windows have been deprived of drip caps. This is possible thanks to the use of modernized and improved gasket components. Such a solution is of key importance for the appearance of facade, which looks much more aesthetic with such windows. The structures can achieve very large dimensions, thus it is possible to make large format glazing in this system. There is also a possibility of using flush window sashes, thanks to which a uniform plane is created on the outside. In addition, windows can be equipped with modern two-component EPDM gaskets. The system is characterized by high flexibility, as it enables many corner connections and profile bending. These windows use single or combined panes, depending on the selected variant. It is possible to use any type of glass, as well as non-transparent panels from 18 to 59 mm thick. The fittings used in the system come from reputable and quality-wise distinguished companies, such as Savio or Sobinco.


Finishing possibilities

PE 68 aluminium windows are not only high technical parameters, but also excellent visual qualities, thanks to which they can be treated as a decorative element of the interior and facade of your building. The surfaces are powder coated with polyester paints. Colors are selected from a rich RAL palette. There are also options of anodizing in several colors, such as champagne, olive, natural aluminum, brown and gold. In addition, the windows are also varnished, taking on the color of natural wood, which is a great solution for rustic, classic and Scandinavian interiors. Wood also proves to be a very good warming element for sterile, cool modern interiors.

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