Large glazing dedicated to connoisseurs of modern and timeless design, focused on interior arrangement according to current architectural trends. The Tecnocor system is characterized by a unique combination of thermal and acoustic insulation, which enables you and others residents to enjoy above-average comfort. You can choose between 2 and 4-leaf doors, which makes it a solution that can be used in virtually any room. Glazing can reach large sizes while maintaining stability, stiffness and very good technical parameters. Tecnocor sliding doors move in one plane, thus saving space by using the surfaces for everyday use.

Characteristics of Tecnocor sliding doors

Tecnocor sliding doors are characterized by their high lightness, which is one of their distinguishing features. This makes it a solution very often chosen by investors and designers looking for typically modern interior design elements. The system can have 3 or 4 leafs and the glazing used can reach up to 28 mm. Thanks to this, thermal and acoustic insulation is better than in other similar large-size glazing. The frame is at the same time a rail for leafs, which allowed to reduce the number of moving elements in the whole system. Tecnocor sliding doors use lead-free profiles. Installation width is 70 mm and the glazing width can be at least 24 mm. Furthermore, the system has a very low heat transfer coefficient compared to other similar sliding solutions, The Uf is 2.4 W/(m2-K). In addition, very effective galvanized steel reinforcements and open leaf and frame reinforcements are used in the structure.

Tecnocor sliding doors come in white as standard, which is considered to be the most timeless and universal color, suitable for both classic and modern styles. However, it is possible to make changes by matching the design and color individually to your own needs, the architecture of building and the interior design.

Available color variations for Tecnocor doors

The sliding door does not have to be white! There are many possibilities, thanks to which you will be able to distinguish the interior of your apartment with an interesting visual accent. The Tecnocor system is available in a fashionable color palette. In modern interiors, anthracite will look very good, which contrasts wonderfully with bright colors, but also harmonizes with the metal finish of furniture. If you are looking for some really original options, you should decide on a subdued but expressive green, which perfectly matches the trends of modern classics. For lovers of cozy and warm interiors we recommend surfaces imitating natural wood, including dark oak, walnut, golden oak, mahogany and winchester.

Therefore, Tecnocor sliding doors are light, stable, stiff, warm and quiet, as well as they look great in modern and classic interiors.

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