Smart Home

We offer you smart home systems that will meet and even exceed your expectations. They increase comfort and safety, as well as create an ideal place to live.

Somfy TaHoma – control the house wherever you are

The smart home system from Somfy guarantees comfort and safety. It allows for remote management of lighting or sunshades (roller blinds, blinds, etc.). Setting options for individual devices will make the system lift and lower the roller blinds at a certain time. The control of garage doors will allow to open them without the need to leave the house, for example when returning from work. Automatic room temperature control, on the other hand, will allow to maintain a constant temperature without the need to constantly check and control the heating. The TaHoma system will signal when a pre-set value drops or rises. Protection includes cameras, alarms, motion, opening and closing sensors for windows and doors.

However, there are many other benefits of installing a Somfy TaHoma system:

Intuitive interface 

All devices that are connected to the system can be displayed on the main control panel screen. Control is possible with any device (smartphone, tablet, notebook or even smartwatch) connected to the Internet. It is also possible to control with a voice assistant. There are three types of control options available:

  • Scenario: it connects selected devices, 
  • Agenda: plans to run scenarios in order to enable them later, 
  • Smart: creates special scripts using sensors.

Personalization of the system according to your expectations

Possibility of combining devices in scenarios allows for quick and full control over the house. For example, when leaving the house, one click activates closing the blinds, switching off the lights, heating and switching on the alarm. What used to take time in the morning rush, today can be done in a few seconds via smartphone. 

One platform compatible with many product lines

As many as 250 product lines support Somfy TaHoma. Both windows, doors, shutters, blinds, heating, garage doors, cameras, alarms, lighting and much more. In addition, you can also control Somfy appliances and about 20 well-known brands from the home appliance sector. 

Easy integration of devices

First the alarm and blinds, and then add more devic3es, thus creating a modern and smart home. Step by step, increasing the comfort of your home and the safety of your household and its property. 

Data security

Many of our customers’ concerns are focused on the security of their data. Thanks to Somfy TaHoma, there are no concerns about their security breach. The system is certified by an independent Syss organization, which guarantees that the servers storing and hosting the data provide the highest level of security. In addition, the web interface and smartphone applications (iOS and Android) are also protected. 

Smart Home Fibaro

Home faster than the weather 

Thanks to the weather data, the Fibaro System will transmit information to the devices and inform them that the weather changes dramatically. This will be indicated by the appropriate color of lighting, closing windows and blinds in rooms. During work, study or rest, the house will protect your property against adverse weather conditions. 

Just say to lower blinds

You don’t even have to click on the app on your smartphone anymore. Just say a voice command and the blinds in your bedroom, living room or kitchen will slide down. No matter if you’re reading your favorite book or watching a TV show. Control is at your fingertips and words. 

System reacts to carbon monoxide

Undetectable to a man, called a silent killer – carbon monoxide. It is very dangerous, its release could end up as a tragedy for the household. That’s why the fear of this gas poisoning spends many people’s sleep. From now on, thanks to Fibaro Smart Home, you can sleep peacefully. When carbon monoxide sensor detects an increased concentration, the blinds will automatically rise and the windows will open. All this is to provide air to the household as quickly as possible and avoid the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. In addition, the system sends out a notification about the concentration.

Smoke sensor

Just a moment to start a fire. Leaving the soup on fire while opening the door for a courier or answering the phone while ironing – this moment very often ends in tragic consequences. That is why the Fibaro System is equipped with a special Smoke Sensor, which detects smoke and immediately sends out a notification about the danger. Moreover, it changes the color of lighting to red.

Home is an impregnable fortress

When planning a holiday or a short trip, it is important to keep in mind what we leave behind. Home should be properly secured against theft. Thanks to the Fibaro System, you can arm the alarm with one click and close all the blinds, shutters and gates.

Protection against unnecessary use of energy

Everyone knows how important a comfortable room temperature is. That is why we use air conditioning in hot weather and heating in cold weather. Both in the former and the latter case, thanks to the Fibro system we avoid unnecessary heating or cooling. The system detects an open window – then it switches off heating or cooling. 

Preparing the heating for your return

After returning from work on a hot day, we want to take shelter from the sun and warm up on a cold evening. The Fibaro System, by setting a time program, will prepare appropriate conditions for returning home. Moreover, the Fibaro Smart Home also anticipates an urgent need to warm up after winter fun with children. Just enter the application to set a higher temperature. You only need 15 minutes to warm up in a warm house. 

Heat notification

On hot days, the cold is very desirable. When the system detects a sudden temperature rise, it immediately sends out a notification. 

Smart household and audio/video appliances

“Hey Google, start clean up” to Google Home Hub and done. The system connected to the vacuum cleaner will detect your command and start cleaning up immediately. 

Notification when the laundry is finished, blinking of lamps in the room and the living room when there is no smartphone next to you, and increasing the temperature in the dryer to dry your laundry. This is all made possible by Smart Home Fibre. The system automatically notifies you when your laundry has finished. 

All you need is a voice command to turn on the TV and speakers, cover the blinds and switch on the lights. Perfect screening ready. 

At night, it sets the alarm, turns on the air purifier, and the washing machine and dishwasher turn on when a cheaper electricity tariff is available. Saving energy now makes your home.

When to install a smart home system?

It doesn’t matter whether it is planned at the design stage or after construction. These systems can be installed at any time. They use Wi-Fi communication, so there will be no need for additional installation and forging of walls. 

Variant – only the highest quality

High quality – this is something that we have been successively offering to our customers for over twenty years. We meet their expectations and help them to create an ideal place for their home. That is why the smart home systems we offer are also of the highest quality. The widest range of functions, increasing comfort and safety are just three of the many advantages that conceal the concept of Smart Home.

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